PLA Straw

Raw Material:

One of the best biodegradable alternatives for traditional plastic straws. Very popular for boba teas, milkshakes and cocktails.

Our PLA straw is made of ~60% PLA(Polylactic Acid) and ~40% PBS (Polybutylene Succinate), both of them are biodegradable polyester, which is perfect for making straws. It is the perfect alternative for traditional plastic straws with a perfect user experience. Our raw materials are extracted from natural plants. Therefore, our PLA straw is fully compostable into water and carbon dioxide in 3 months under industrial compostable conditions. It has been imported in large quantities by most countries in Europe and America to replace the consumption of traditional plastic straws, which is the trend of the future development of the straw industry.

This price is for Reference FOB price with 100pcs/set in OPP Bag.

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Our certificates:

  • Product certificate: LFGB certification (Germany), FDA certification (American). BPI(composable certificate for products)

Our Sizes:

  • Diameter: 5-12 mm
  • Length: 120-300 mm

Available Packaging Styles:

  • Paper Box
  • Window Paper Box
  • OPP Bag
  • PLA Bag

How it can be degraded:

The pathways of product degradation: Simple Hydrolytic Degradation: Polylactic Acid molecular chains contain ester bonds, which can be easily broken into carboxylic acids and alcohols under the action of hydrogen ions. The acid produced in degradation may act as a catalyst in the degradation and lead to an autocatalytic effect. ·Composting Degradation: The decomposition rate is faster under high temperature and high humidity(50-55 degrees, humidity is higher than 80-90%), ·Degradation in Nature: Various microorganisms and enzymes can degrade Polylactic Acid in nature.

Different designs and sizes are also available, contact us for a quote:

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg

4*215, 5*210, 5*240, 6*210, 6*240, 6.3*210, 7*210, 8*210, 9.5*280, 12*180, 12*200


Black, White, Mixed Colour, Customizable

Packaging Syle

Paper Box, OPP Bag, PLA Bag, Window Paper Box


Bent, Straight, Spoon Tip, Decocration straw, Bobble tea straw(wide straw/jumbo straw)


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